Echo Thoughts

Echo Thoughts is an app that provides resources such as reminder daily task, cognitive games, and studying tools/tips all in one app. The goal of this app was to help college students who struggles to keep up with their academic task from not being able to remember what has to be done. This is my first group project in my major in interactive media design at University of Washington Bothell. The purpose of this group project is to learn the techniques used when designing a product.

The idea behind the name of the app is that “memory” is essentially a replay of our sensory information. Like an echo, our app will help students replay information in different ways.

Survey research

Prior to the creation of the App, we conducted a survey to find out what types of issues might be causes for short term memory loss in college students. We found that a high number of participants had issues related to school, work and personal life responsibilities. So, we decided to create a tool to alleviate people’s stress along with potential issues that might be the causes that make them forget the information.


We brainstormed ideas on what kind of situation will this app be used, and how it will be used. Drawing a storyboard helped us set goals for what our app should accomplish.


We create our persona to help identify what kind of people would be using this app. We targeted a college student who is struggling on his schoolwork because he cannot remember all the tasks that he needs to do.


We created our prototype of our app using a collaborative UX design software called Figma. This software was easy to use and we were able to quickly build the prototype as the way we wanted to look.

This project has been great learning experience for me and I was able to learn new techniques on building things such as an app. This helped me develop skills in the use and application of a variety of user research methods including storyboarding, personal and prototype.

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